Massage Services

Massage Services

Swedish Massage

If you use massage therapy primarily for relaxation, this is the perfect treatment for you. you will leave our suite feeling calm and at ease.
Includes lavender aromatherapy, hot towels, and a peppermint scalp massage

30 min- $45.00
60 min- $75.00
75 min- $85.00
90 min- $100.00

Deep Tissue Massage

The “hurt so good massage” that leaves you feeling like a brand new person. The perfect amount of pressure is applied to ensure revitalization within your body as a whole.
Includes therapeutic aromatherapy, hot towels, exceptional deep pressure, and stretching

30 min- $55.00
60 min- $85.00
75 min- $95.00
90 min- $100.00

Sports Massage

Great for athletes or overly active individuals. Those who love to golf and play tennis will benefit immensely  from this treatment.

Includes therapeutic aromatherapy and stretching
60 min- $80.00
90 min- $110.00

Aromatherapy Massage

This relaxing massage encourages uttermost serenity. This massage Includes use of aromatherapies to balance and relax your body, customized pressure, and hot towels.

30 min- $50.00
60 min- $80.00
75 min- $90.00
90 min- $100.00